we could measure our distance with an ocean is a virtual collection of small projects created to accept and celebrate my homebody, my family's narrative, and the archival abilities of hair and water. This project navigates cross-cultural practices of water, oil, and spirituality - including baptism, buddhism, hair care, the african diaspora, and swimming lessons; engaging in an investigative practice of memorializing the everyday home and viewing hair braiding and hair protection as an advance communicative practice in black culture.


Disrupting the grid system and repetition with moments of stillness or blackness is my attempt at acknowledging and representing my family's power in practicing radical joy through invisibility during states of oppression and systematic racism.


I often think about my little girl self not being able to move while her hair is getting done. 

In this virtual collection, you'll find a series of print and written works, an archive, and some family memories.

© 2020 by Teena H Wilder